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Jeffery Seitz



  • Higher Ed: Science, Researcher 


I am a Professor of Geochemistry and Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at California State University, East Bay. My primary professional activity at CSUEB has been in science education, professional development for K-12 teachers, and experimental geochemistry.

I started the East Bay Science Project (previously the BEST Institute) in 2000 and served as its Director from 2000-08. Currently I am the Principal Investigator and Faculty Advisor for the EBSP. The East Bay Science Project (EBSP) is primarily funded by the California Science Project (CSP). The CSP is a network of 18 regional sites that provide university-based professional development programs for K-12 teachers of science. The EBSP, in partnership with the CSP, is a provider of services to schools and districts in the east San Francisco Bay area seeking to strengthen their science programs and science instruction consistent with the California Science Framework and the California Science Content Standards. Since its establishment in 2000, the EBSP has provided intensive science programs for nearly 500 different teachers in 117 schools in 32 districts.

I am a Co-PI for NASA LIFT OFF, a collaborative project between the Alameda County Office of Education, Cal Sate East Bay, San Jose State University and Cal Poly Pomona. Funded by NASA, the project features NASA science and mission data and targets high school teachers and pre-service single subject science teachers. The heart of the project is problem based learning; a student-centered instructional strategy.

I have an active research program measuring the volumetric properties of important biomolecules and organic species in aqueous solutions at hydrothermal conditions. These experimentally determined data can be used to develop and refine estimates of the thermodynamic properties of organic compounds for which measurements are not available. Ultimately, this research has applications to developing a more accurate geochemical model for the origin of life on Earth in extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents (black smokers) and solar system bodies such as Mars and Europa. 


Geochemistry, Science Education, Astrobiology 


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Rhett G. W., Seitz J. C., Schulte M. D., and Hall A. S. (2010) Densities of Dilute Adenosine Solutions to 50 MPa and 373.15 K. Goldschmidt Conference, June 13-18. Abstract.

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Seitz J. C. Schulte M. D., Rhett G. W., and Hall A. S. (2011) Volumetric properties of dilute l-cysteine solutions to 50 MPa and 393.15 K toward a better understanding of the origin of life. American Chemical Society National Meeting, March 27-31, 2011. Abstract.