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Robert Curtis (Dr. Robert Curtis)



  • Higher Ed: Education, K-12 Administrator 


Served as Director of Science and STEM Education for Alameda County Office of Education and Director for the Integrated Middle School Science project (2009-2013)

I also served as the director for the East Bay Science Project, which is part of the California Science Project.(2009-2013)

I have previously worked for ConnectEd: California Center for College and Career as a coach for a statewide effort to develop career pathways in high schools as part of a district systemic reform initiative aimed at providing all students preparation for both college and career through theme based programs. (2010-2011)

From 2004-2009 I conducted research and evaluation on Small Learning Communities in 6 districts nationally.

From 2006-2009 I worked as the district director for high school redesign in Fremont Unified School District. The initiative focused on the systemic development of Small Learning Communities and California Partnership Academies.

From 1998-2005 I worked as a high school biology teacher in Fremont, California. 


Distributed Leadership (Ed.D)
Biology (B.S.)
Professional Learning Communities
Organizational Development
Project-Based Learning
Inquiry-Based Science
School-Redesign Evaluation
Small Learning Communities 


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Collay, M. Tucker, S. Curtis, R., "Conceptualizing the "Conceptualization Stage" of an Ecologically-Based Transformative, Multi-Partner Mixed-Methods Research Project", (2012). Paper, Presented at AERA in 2012 Bibliography: AERA Annual Meeting, Vancover (April 2012)

Tucker, S.A., and Curtis, R., "Logic Modeling: A semiotic analytic process for articulating and negotiating. Mixed-methods research questions", (2012). Workshop, Presented at ICQ in 2012 Bibliography: University of Illinois-Champaign International Congress Qualitative Inquiry (16 May 2012)