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Caron Inouye



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


I have been a professor of biology at CSUEB since 2001. I happily spent a large proportion of my life at UCLA, where I earned both my B.S. (with an emphasis in marine biology) and Ph.D. in Biology. My dissertation research focused on the physiological bases for carotenoid-based color variation in the House Finch, but I also worked on projects on the digestive physiology of seabirds (e.g. phalaropes) during their migratory "pit-stop" at Mono Lake, CA. My current research has two foci: one in environmental toxicology, looking at the physiological effects of certain organic contaminants (such as brominated flame retardants) on birds and other animals; and the other in teaching and learning, looking at the effect of specific teaching strategies and technologies on learning and content retention in biology undergraduate students.

I have taught a somewhat diverse parade of biology courses, including Animal Physiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Human Nutrition, Marine Biology, and Ornithology. I've developed courses in Environmental Physiology and Environmental Toxicology and am currently developing two online courses, one in Foundational Biology designed for K-8 teachers pursuing a Foundational Science Credential and the other in the Biology of Global Climate Change for Master's students in Teacher Education.

I am devoted to K-12 teacher education, STEM outreach, and faculty development programs and have been involved with NASA Liftoff, NSF IMSS, Bechtel Foundational Science Program, Noyce Teaching Scholarship Program, Bay Area Science Project, and the L.A. Education Project. I've also been part of the selective AAAS-sponsored Bioscience Educators' Network Program (2008-10) and the NSF-sponsored Biology Scholars Research Residency Program (2009-10).

I have two children (3.5 and 7.5 yo), one dog, one goldfish, and one husband. 


Environmental physiology, environmental toxicology, ornithology, human physiology, scholarship of teaching and learning 


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